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Genesis V

Software / Genesis

This product has been discontinued.

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Virtual Genesis is a Windows-based software program that emulates an Innotech Direct Digital Controller (DDC) and Remote Module Interface (RMI).

The virtual controller can be powered on, configured and interrogated in the same way as a physical DDC. All I/O points are remotely located from the computer on Innotech Remote Expansion Modules (REMs).

Virtual Genesis can be used in conjunction with other Innotech programs such as Gen2Config and Gen2Monitor to configure, monitor and control a site.

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  • Higher block and resource limits than a standard physical DDC, including:
    • Total Blocks: 2000
    • Log Blocks: 500
    • Accumulators: 200
    • Alarm Blocks: 200
    • Global Outputs: 100
  • Supports up to 15 Remote Expansion Modules of any type without requirng a Remote Module Interface (RMI).
  • Network & Global communications via USB port, COM port or iComm Server.
  • REM communications via serial port only.
  • Rapid extraction of logged data.
  • Not limited by REM Resource Count.