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IG04 BACnet Gateway

Digital / Controllers

This product has been superseded.

Replacement Product: Omni Vaisala Interface

Information Unless specified, the Vaisala devices referred to in this document are the WXT520 & WXT530 series Weather Transmitters and WMT52 & WXT532 series Ultrasonic Wind Sensors.

The Innotech IG04 BACnet Gateway is a protocol gateway between the Vaisala Weather Transmitter or Ultrasonic Wind Sensor and a BACnet network. The IG04 BACnet Gateway interrogates the Vaisala device and stores the current values for all NMEA points. This data is updated and transmitted regularly as predefined BACnet objects available as BACnet/IP or BACnet MS/TP values.

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  • 1 x Vaisala NMEA comms port
  • 1 x Isolated BACnet MS/TP comms port
  • 1 x Protected Service comms port
  • 1 x Ethernet (10baseT) port (also used as the BACnet/IP port)
  • All wires connected by pluggable screw terminals
  • Program resides in non-volatile flash RAM
  • Visual indication of power, system and communications activity
  • Embedded web server interface for setup and client monitoring, including seven days of historical data
  • Support for up to five concurrent connections (actual usage may vary dependent on connection speed)
  • Programming of the Vaisala Weather Transmitter or Ultrasonic Wind Sensor from the FusionLIVE web interface

The IG04 BACnet Gateway allows a BACnet network to receive sensor data from a Vaisala device. It may be selected as BACnet/IP or BACnet MS/TP.

The IG04 BACnet Gateway communicates directly with the Vaisala device using a dedicated RS-485 channel. The IG04 BACnet Gateway is designed to communicate with the Weather Transmitter or Ultrasonic Wind Sensor model of Vaisala device.

For 'plug and play' communications, ensure to use the following order codes when ordering a Vaisala device:
  • WXT520-AACxxxxxx0 (where "x" refers to factory options)
  • WXT536-C1XXXXXXXXX (where "x" refers to factory options)
  • WMT52-AACxxxxxx0 (where "x" refers to factory options)
  • WXT532-C1XXXXXXXXX (where "x" refers to factory options)

If a different order code is required, ensure that the Vaisala device is configured to communicate using the NMEA protocol on RS-485 at 19200 baud 8, N, 1.

Ethernet / BACnet/IP (Default)
The 10BaseT Ethernet port provides access to the BAC/IP networks. The BAC/IP settings must be configured to be compatible with the BACnet system into which the Vaisala device is being integrated. It is also the interface to the embedded web server used for setup and commissioning. The IG04 BACnet Gateway is pre-configured with the following static TCP/IP parameters:
IP address Gateway Subnet mask

The BACnet communication ports must be configured to be compatible with the BACnet system into which the Vaisala device is being integrated.

This port should only be used under direct instruction of Innotech support or service personnel.

Objects supported
Name Type Instance
Air Temperature Analog Input 0
Internal Pressure Temperature Analog Input 1
Heating Temperature Analog Input 2
Minimum Wind Direction Analog Input 10
Average Wind Direction Analog Input 11
Max Wind Direction Analog Input 12
Min Wind Speed Analog Input 20
Average Wind Speed Analog Input 21
Max Wind Speed Analog Input 22
Air Pressure Analog Input 30
Humidity Analog Input 40
Accumulated Rain Analog Input 50
Accumulated Hail Analog Input 51
Rain Duration Analog Input 60
Hail Duration Analog Input 61
Rain Intensity Analog Input 70
Hail Intensity Analog Input 71
Peak Rain Intensity Analog Input 72
Peak Hail Intensity Analog Input 73
Heating Voltage Analog Input 80
Supply Voltage Analog Input 81
Reference Voltage Analog Input 82