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IR12 Innotech Repeater

Digital / Communication Ancillary Devices

The Innotech Repeater expands the network capabilities of the Innotech product range.
Two models are available:
1) IR11 - Single channel repeater designed to expand an SSG or REM network
2) IR12 - Dual channel repeater designed to expand both NET and GLOBAL comms networks.
The Innotech Repeater is 24V AC or DC powered.

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  • Galvanic isolation of both ports to eliminate ground loop and potential difference problems.
  • Data regeneration increases resistance to interference and increases network cabling distances.
  • Choice of single channel model (for example: SSG or REM comms) or dual channels (for example: NET and GLOBAL comms)
  • Automatic baud rate detection
  • Input protection against spikes and noise.
  • LED indication of comms activity on all connected networks.
  • 24V AC or DC powered.
  • All wire connections by pluggable screw terminals.