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Digital / Remote Expansion Modules

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The Innotech GenII PI REM Pulse Input Module is a remote expansion device for the Genesis range of Digital Controllers.

The module is powered by 24VAC and provides 5 opto isolated digital inputs to sense pulsed signals from field equipment. The voltage detection range is 12 to 24 V DC.

The GenII PI REM may be located remotely from the Genesis Controller providing distributed digital pulse inputs for the system.

The GenII PI REM is configured and programmed via the Genesis Controller.

The GenII PI REM communicates with the Genesis Controller via the REM Comms port. The remote link uses RS-485 at a baud rate of 38400. For pre-Version 5 controllers, a Gen II RMI Remote Module Interface is required. Please refer to DS15.01 for further information.

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  • The GenII PI REM detects pulses with a minimum on time of greater than 20ms, with a minimum off time of 20ms, which gives a maximum of 25 pulses per second.
  • 5 Optically isolated digital pulse inputs
  • LED indication of input status.
  • Remote sensing and control of I/O points, up to 500m from the Genesis II Controllers.
  • Housed in a low profile DIN rail-mounted enclosure.
  • RS485 interconnection between modules.
  • Galvanic Isolation for communications to prevent grounding problems.
  • JUMPER selectable Address Number (1-15).
  • Wiring Diagrams for modules Generated by Gen2Config Software.
  • LED indication of network traffic assists network setup & debugging.