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IMT6022 Modular Thermostat

Stand-alone / Controllers

The Innotech Modular Thermostat is a device designed to control temperature in air conditioning systems. It is an analogue controller that regulates temperature of a conditioned space by switching heating and cooling systems as required. Tailoring of the control algorithm is made via screw adjustments that are accessible on the front panel. A knob on the center of the front panel sets the desired temperature. The current temperature and the desired temperature are displayed on a four digit display. The Set Point View button toggles between the two. The unit is DIN rail mountable, and has terminals for all external connections.

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  • Separate 0-10V outputs for heating and cooling.
  • IMT6022 - 2 Heat & 2 Cool Relays.
  • IMT6011 - 1 Heat & 1 Cool Relays.
  • LED Indication of Relay Status.
  • 24VAC/240VAC operation.
  • 4 Digit Display Indicates the current and desired Temperatures.
  • Heat valve output.
  • Temperature output.
  • Setpoint output.
  • External setpoint.