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IMC5011 Modular Controller

Stand-alone / Controllers

The Innotech IMC50xx range of modular controls are designed to regulate heating and cooling of air conditioning systems. They are suitable for use in single and multi zone temperature applications.

The controller's output can be used as stand alone devices or coupled to auxiliary units such as, chilled water valves, damper motors, staging relays and signal selectors for use in multi-zone applications.

The Innotech ITD, ITI and ITW series of two wire current loop temperature detectors are designed to operate with the IMC modular controller.

Models in the IMC50xx range:

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  • Interface to Building Automation Systems.
  • Time integrated proportional control action for optimum system performance.
  • Separate 0-10V DC outputs for heating and cooling.
  • Separate proportional band adjustment for heating and cooling.
  • Two detector averaging.
  • Detector temperature easily read at controller.
  • Set Point temperature easily read at controller.
  • LED indication of relay status.
  • Factory set for most applications resulting in reduced commissioning time.
  • The Innotech enclosure saves space and reduces installation time.
  • Wide range of applications.