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IVC4801 Voltage Controller

Stand-alone / Controllers

The IVC4701 and IVC4801 voltage controllers are designed for use with any transmitter which has a 0 to 10V DC output to produce a single 0 to 10V DC control signal output. The IVC4701 produces a Direct Acting output and the IVC4801 produces a Reverse Acting output.

The controller's output can be coupled to auxiliary units such as humidifiers, chilled water valves, damper motors, staging relays and signal selectors which require a 0 to 10V DC control signal.

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  • Interface to Building Automation Systems.
  • Time integrated proportional control action for optimum system performance.
  • 0-10V DC Direct Acting control signal output on IVC4701.
  • 0-10V DC Reverse Acting control signal output on IVC4801.
  • Proportional band adjustment from 1 to 11%.
  • Transmitter input value easily read at controller.
  • Set Point easily read at controller.
  • Factory set for most applications resulting in reduced commissioning time.
  • The Innotech enclosure saves space and reduces installation time.
  • Wide range of applications.
  • Internal tamper proof Set Point adjustment.