Omni BEMS platform is Interoperable

Omni BEMS is Interoperable

Omni's native BACnet communications ensures
seamless connections with other BEMS

Omni BEMS platform overview

Native BACnet communications allows simple and seamless connections between manufacturers equipment. Omni includes support for both the Innotech and BACnet protocols (BACnet/IP & MS/TP) and/or any combination of these. Omni is classified as a BACnet Building Controller (Profile B-BC) and is listed with BTL on the BACnet International website.

A native BACnet controller (with BTL listing) was something our partners had requested globally. This listing provides a client with confidence that the BEMS hardware installed on their projects conform to the BACnet standards, and are interoperable with other manufacturers BTL listed BACnet equipment. Ultimately this means that Omni can be used as the hardware solution on any BACnet project that may have an existing BACnet Operator Workstation (B-OWS), not just new builds and complete retrofits.


Innotech Omni BEMS Platform

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