Omni BEMS platform is Accessible

Omni BEMS is Fail-Safe

Ideal for critical applications, with on-board data logging, time schedules and battery backup

Omni BEMS platform overview

Omni includes battery backup to maintain the time and date of the controller, and any critical values stored prior to an external power-failure. Omni is also equipped with an SD Card for the storage of up to 180,000,000 records of log data. This data is a great secondary local backup when Omni is used in critical applications like Data Centres, Hospital Clean Rooms, Cold Room and Freezer Rooms (HACCP) and much more. Although the data is usually centralised and maintained on a server, Omni provides a backup locally that can equate to months of data, and is accessible directly from the controllers web-server interface.


Innotech Omni BEMS Platform

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