Omni BEMS platform is Dependable

Omni BEMS is Dependable

Omni BEMS controllers are individually tested and feature on-board diagnostics ensuring reliability

Omni BEMS platform overview

Where many companies batch test their products (a random selection of 100 out of 1000 devices), every Innotech product is individually tested, and is shipped with a report to confirm the controller has passed its final power-up test. With 30+ years’ experience in manufacturing, Innotech have less than 0.02% warranty claims per annum, which ensures that your controllers purchased work from the factory, and last.

Omni is also equipped with self-diagnostic capabilities (both at Controller level and Points):

  • Each Omni controller monitors its own health, and if a fault condition is introduced, Omni will take action to minimise damage to the controller.
  • Omni Points monitor the voltage at each of their terminals, and based on the programmed point specifications, Omni will take corrective action if a fault condition is detected. This is achieved by using Input functionality, even when the point is used as an Output.
  • This fault diagnostic is displayed by flashing the point in fault, or even shutting down the controller if the fault detection is critical. The controller will perform retries over a period of time, just in case the fault condition is rectified on its own. This information is displayed through the HMI and web-server, and even if a point should go into a fault state (possibly from a short circuit in the wiring), the programmer can automate an email or SMS notifications and even revert to an alternative healthy point to guarantee continued operation.

Innotech Omni BEMS Platform

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