Omni BEMS platform is competitive

Omni BEMS is Competitive

The Omni range includes multiple models and flexible points saving you money on hardware and installation

Omni BEMS platform overview

How does choosing Omni as your BEMS solution save money?

Savings #1

In most BEMS controllers, an estimator needs to know how many of each type of input and output they require, then select the best controller with the least amount of waste. Omni simplifies the estimating process by allowing an estimator to choose the Omni controller that covers the total number of points required for their application. Omni can therefore reduce the number of controllers needed, which is a huge competitive advantage for Innotech partners.

Savings #2

Omni's BACnet capabilities reduces the number of additional hardware devices required to perform integration with other manufacturer's equipment.

Savings #3

Omni's on-board web-server creates a custom client user experience, without the need for additional web-server devices. You can even manage a network of 10 Omni controllers through a single Omni controller, which is perfect for smaller project applications.

Savings #4

Omni C40 and Omni C20 controllers are equipped with Dual Ethernet Ports. This allows an installer to use the Omni controller as an Ethernet Switch, or as a separate connection to segregate a client's network. This may negate the need for additional network switches.

Savings #5

Reducing the number of controllers and additional integration and networking devices is not just an initial saving, but a significant saving on switchboard size, installation and infrastructure costs.


Innotech Omni BEMS Platform

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