Omni BEMS platform is Compatible

Omni BEMS is Compatible

Omni controllers integrate with any existing Innotech or BACnet control system

Omni BEMS platform overview

Innotech have a proven track record of maintaining products in the market, or providing an alternative that will perform the same task. Omni has been developed to complement the existing Maxim and Genesis BEMS controllers, not as a replacement because they are being discontinued. Omni has the ability to sit on any existing Innotech BEMS network, and even share data from controllers that are up to 16 years old, ensuring Omni can integrate into any existing Innotech BEMS.

Omni's extensive BACnet capabilities and BTL Listing ensures compatibility with other BACnet Control networks. For our Australian partners, this provides a local native BACnet alternative for new and existing clients, and for our global partners this creates avenues to integrate an Innotech open-solution into an existing manufacturer’s network. For both situations, Omni unlocks the handcuffs imposed by other BEMS manufacturers.

Omni is the way to take back control of your BEMS!


Innotech Omni BEMS Platform

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