Omni BEMS platform is Accessible

Omni BEMS is Accessible

Omni's cross-platform, on-board web server with real-time monitoring makes service and facility maintenance a breeze

Omni BEMS platform overview

Omni's cross-platform, on-board web server makes service and facility maintenance a breeze. Omni is equipped with a powerful on-board web server interface that provide our clients with the ability to manage and control an Omni BEMS controller directly from their own intranet/internet enabled browser, from anywhere in the world.

The Omni web server requires no plugins like Java or Silverlight, which reduces the required maintenance and support headaches of keeping software and every piece of hardware on the same version. Much time and money is wasted updating these plugins, and something Innotech Omni clients will never need to worry about.

Web Server Custom Data & Adjustments

Custom Data & Adjustments

Web Server Schedules

iCal Calendars

Web Server Site Notifications

Alarms & Notifications

Web Server Historical Data Logging

Historical Data Logging

Web Server Real-Time Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring

Web Server BACnet Commissioning

BACnet Commissioning

Omni's comprehensive web server includes:

  • Client user access and adjustment
  • Time-schedule viewing and adjustment (Using iCal Calendars)
  • Alarm monitoring and notifications
  • Extraction, viewing and exporting of Log Data
  • Real-time monitoring of the configuration:
    • For local commissioning of the program
    • Forcing point values
    • Commissioning and testing of BACnet integration (On all Comms channels)
  • Address Book and User Access Control
  • Time, Date and Regional Settings
  • NTP and BACnet time-server settings
  • A full BACnet Client
  • Document storage, perfect for storing all Engineering details like:
    • Wiring Diagrams
    • Datasheets and PICS
    • Configuration Printouts
    • BACnet Reports

Innotech Omni BEMS Platform

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