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ConvUSB Drivers + USB Mate

(.exe 2.00MB)
ConvUSB Drivers for Windows XP and 7 including USB Mate v1.00C


(.exe 175.71MB)
Focus 4.0 configuration application for Innotech Omni and Skia BEMS controllers. Posted 18th June 2024

Focus Open

(.exe 163.33MB)
Focus Open v4.0. Evaluation tool only for configuration application for Innotech Omni and Skia BEMS Controllers. Note: FocusOpen files cannot be used in Focus or on a controller. Posted 18th June 2024.

Gen2 DDE + Gen2 Converter USB Drivers

(.exe 4.05MB)
Gen2 DDE v5.00A (Release 1) and Gen2 Converter USB Drivers.

iComm 1.30

(.exe 11.69MB)
iComm v1.30S (Release 19). Posted 5th September 2012

Innotech Magellan v2.00E

(.exe 21.87MB)
Innotech Magellan v2.00E Installer for Windows. Posted 7th July 2021.

LogMate v1.00

(.exe 1.82MB)
LogMate v1.00 for use with the Innotech Temperature Logger (ITL).

Maxim Software Bundle

(.exe 17.19MB)
Maxim Software Bundle (Release 2). Posted 8th July 2013
  • MaxCon v5.70A
  • MaxMon v5.70A
  • MaxTract v5.70B
  • MaxSim v5.70A
  • SSG Sim v5.70A


(.exe 21.40MB)
Utilities (Release 9). Posted 8th July 2013
  • EasyBill v4.40C
  • AutoStart v5.40C
  • Alert v5.40A
  • USBMate v1.00C
  • EtherMate v1.20A
  • NetScan v5.40A
  • ModemMate v1.01D
  • SoftPort v5.40D

Valve Wizard

(.exe 9.97MB)
Valve Wizard v1.7

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