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It's Official – Innotech's Omni BEMS Controller is Here!

2nd December 2016

Author: Thomas McIlhatton - Innotech Distributor Manager

After 5 years of in-house development, the Release 1.0 Omni BEMS Controllers have hit the shelf and dispatched already, a fantastic achievement for the whole Mass Electronics/Innotech Group and our partners. The Omni Release 1.0 is just the beginning and much more is planned for the near future. Satisfied with the platform's foundation, Innotech will continue enhancing Omni's capabilities, with development plans for the next 5 years already in place.

Although Innotech have worked with BACnet integration for many years using the IG03 BACnet gateway, this is Innotech's first Native BACnet product line. This opens many doors for new and existing clients who are tired of being hand-cuffed by their existing controls supplier as Omni can fit into any Native BACnet architecture. Omni's other key features include an industry first programmable point (Universal Input/Output), cross-platform web server with inbuilt monitoring and online BACnet commissioning. This is combined with multiple comms channels, a high-speed Ethernet backbone, iCal Calendars and 1.8 million readings of log data, making Omni perfect for fail-safe applications and a super-competitive solution in the marketplace.

Those familiar with Innotech will know that the 32+ years in business has built a reputation of quality and reliability. Innotech clients have been using the Genesis and Maxim controllers for many years, comfortable in the knowledge they can expect a 15+ year lifespan once installed. The importance of our reputation made us decide to take a conservative approach with the official Omni release, and over the months from November 2016 to February 2017 Innotech offices and the global distributor network have a considerable number of pre-approved projects where Omni is being used. During this time manufacturing will continue to ramp up and is expected to be in full production with stockpiled Omni controllers during February 2017. Clients of Innotech have been reassured that Omni is NOT here to supersede the Genesis and Maxim range, but rather to complement them.

Innotech have extreme confidence in this initial Omni release, and this is due to the open development and testing over the last few years with our global partners. Omni is already introducing new partners who see the benefits of joining the Innotech family as they get to have a say in the development of products to fit their market. This is an exciting time for the Innotech global family and we would like to thank all those who have supported Innotech and helped us get this far. At Innotech we believe the best is yet to come, and now is the perfect time to get on board.

To find out more about Omni or how to become an Innotech partner, contact , or contact your local representative.

The Birth of Omni!

From these concepts in 2011:

To the first working prototype in 2013:

To load testing in 2014:

And finally, Release 1.0 shipping 2nd December 2016:

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