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Innotech America Dealer Conference – September 2012

Innotech America and Innotech Control Systems Australia have recently undertaken the bi-annual conference and training for North America, in Portland, Oregon, America. The event was attended by over 20 dealers across Canada, America and Mexico, along with partners from BAPI Sensors, Siemens, Connect Air, Functional Devices and key Innotech personnel.

Innotech America Dealers Conference

Innotech America 2012 Dealers Conference

The Dealer Conference provided new and existing dealers with direct access to the North American Master Distributor, Scott and Carrie Gregson, two of Innotech Directors, Stephen and Michael Miranda, Distributor Manager, Thomas McIlhatton and Innotech Systems Trainer, Walter Colaiaco.

Dealers were given the opportunities to:

  • Network with like-minded professionals
  • Express their individual needs or issues on behalf of their clients
  • Give valuable input into existing products and new R&D projects
  • Have a say in how Innotech is marketed and does business in general.

These opportunities ensure the products produced meet the market needs, and that they are delivered on time and within budget with a superior client focus.

Feedback confirmed that the conference was again a great success for Innotech and the Dealers. Innotech's representatives also highlighted the many changes currently underway to processes, marketing, enhancements to products, and design of the "Next Generation" of Innotech innovation, directly from the "Open Forum" discussions during the conference.

Conference Highlights

A highlight from the conference was the on-line presentations from Innotech's senior R&D engineers. This illustrated the progress that has already been made for the Next Generation Innotech Hardware and Software. These presentations allowed all attendees input into features and direction of the products.

An example of changes made directly from the conference, was a request from various dealers to extend the Innotech Warranty for their clients from one year to two years. The reliability of the Innotech product is second to none, and a decision was made during the conference to extend the current one year warranty, not to two years, but three years (where the system is maintained by Innotech Distributors, Dealers or Value-Added Partners). In doing this Innotech further enhances the confidence of clients looking at the Innotech option, and will only add to the already ultra-competitive Innotech life-cycle costs. Stay tuned for the global announcement on this great advancement!

There was an unexpected issue that occurred during the conference where, although nice and sunny outside, it actually rained within the conference facility. In true "Aussie style" the conference continued with minimal interruption and fuss. It was all hands on deck with many dealers manning the brooms and buckets.

Innotech America Dealers Conference

Innotech's North American Dealers

Dealer Training

On completion of the conference, two days of official Innotech Training was provided to the Dealers.

This included:

  • 103 BACnet Integration
  • 104 ATOM Reporting for Building Services

The training was led by Walter Colaiaco, with Thomas McIlhatton and Scott Gregson assisting. As usual, by the completion of each training session the interaction between the dealers was evident, with the more experienced personnel assisting the new dealers and less experienced.

Final Wrap-up

The Innotech partners who attended the conference also had the opportunity to display their products and services to the group. These key partners ensure Innotech are a "one-stop shop" solution, which also guarantees uniformity across the country. We were extremely appreciative for their attendance and involvement throughout the conference and breaks.

The organisation and logistics for the conference and training was a credit to Innotech America and Innotech Australia, and the attendance, participation and enthusiasm from all the Dealers ensured another successful conference.

Innotech Awards Winners

We must congratulate the following on their Innotech Awards:

Team Players:

This award is given to those who have given back to the Innotech Community. This may be marketing materials, engineering, programming configurations, BMS graphics or other support.

Innotech America Dealers Conference

Steve Miranda, Justin Topel, Carrie Gregson and Scott Gregson

Innotech America Dealers Conference

Steve Miranda, Mark Watts, Carrie Gregson and Scott Gregson

Dealer of the Year:

  • in Florida – David Tilbury, Peter Tilbury and the rest of Elite Engineering.

This award is given to the company who was the Top Sales Performer for the 2011/2012 financial year. Congratulations to all the Elite Engineering staff, it was a great effort.

Innotech America Dealers Conference

Steve Miranda, David Tilbury, Peter Tilbury, Carrie Gregson and Scott Gregson

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