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2019 Innotech Partner Conference

30th October 2019

Author: Joel Fraser - General Manager Partner Solutions

Innotech held its annual partner conference on Thursday 24th October 2019 and Friday 25th October 2019 at our Head office in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It was fantastic to see almost all of our partners, both national and international represented at this conference.

The conference was a great opportunity for us all to collaborate and openly discuss our markets, our needs and future product development requirements. The project spotlights provided by each of our partners showcased the diversity of the product and the capabilities of our partner network, along with identifying many unique markets and project types that we are all participating in, which is not always just controlling the HVAC equipment. We also recognised the performance and achievements of our partners with our annual Innotech partner awards being presented.

The Innotech Partner Group

Throughout the conference, we reviewed the performance and the new hardware and software developments over the past year. Further to this we covered many important topics including the improvements to our training systems, the newly developed and updated training sessions that are in place, improvements to our partner support framework, new management systems that have been introduced and the future pathway for continued improvement of these systems that are to come, which will assist our partners now and into the future.

Innotech's Research and Development team presented some of their current projects that are being worked on, which definitely created excitement within the group. They also discussed some concept future development ideas and as always engaged with our partners to provide input and direction into this development planning. Innotech throughout its history has prided itself on the ability to listen to our partners, who are our customers and then through their required needs, develop hardware and software products that will benefit the current and our new Innotech system users that are supported by our partners across the globe.

Overall the 2019 Innotech Partner Conference was a great success. We thank our partners as this was only possible through their attendance and their valuable engagement and feedback that was provided throughout the conference.

See all the winners from the 2019 Innotech Partner Awards.

2019 Innotech Partner Conference
2019 Innotech Partner Conference

Hard at work

2019 Innotech Partner Conference
2019 Innotech Partner Conference

A well-earned break

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