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BMS Control Systems Training at SBCS in Trinidad and Tobago

SBCS (School of Business and Computer Science) celebrated its 25th Anniversary on February 13, 2012. This date marked a significant milestone for our institution, and the staff and faculty who dedicate themselves to advancing the careers and lives of our valued students. Our journey began as many great journeys do - on a small scale but with the promise of untold potential. Our first building was located at #3 Santa Cruz Old Road in San Juan, before we relocated to Champs Fleurs in September 1990 - and this has been the flag-ship location which has given birth to three other campuses in Port of Spain, San Fernando and Trincity.

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Our focus over the years has been to build and maintain a reputation for high quality teaching at the tertiary level. We acknowledge the support of the students who placed their faith and trust in our institution in those early years when we were virtually unknown. Today, some of these first students have joined the institution, albeit in different capacities, as either lecturers or Managers.

Vision: To be the region premier tertiary teaching and learning institute for globally recognized and industry education and training.

For more info please see the Building Management Systems for Building Services Engineering Course Details on the SBCS website.

Who Would Benefit From This Course?

This course would suit individuals that are looking to gain a fundamental understanding of control processes and application of Direct Digital Control (DDC) in the HVAC sector, or people seeking to enter the field of Building Management System (BMS) controls, servicing and engineering.

Sample Course Outline

Control Basics

  • Have a basic understanding of the control process
  • Describe what a sensor is and its use
  • Understand where sensors should be located
  • Describe how a controller works
  • Describe what a controlled device is and how it can be used

Introduction to Direct Digital Control (DDC)

  • Describe what a DDC is and have a basic understanding of the functions these devices can perform
  • Describe common terminologies used by a DDC
  • Understand the fundamentals of how PID Loops function
  • Describe some basic programming blocks used in a DDC configuration

DDC Networking Basics

  • Have an understanding of why we network DDC's
  • Understand how DDC's communicate and share information

DDC programming Basics

  • Describe a DDC program
  • Understand the basics of configuration logic
  • Understand how a program functions

Enrolment Enquiry for HVAC and BMS Controls Course at SBCS

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Devanand Mastay - Course Admin / Lecturer

SBCS Trinidad Tobago

53-54 Sagan Drive, Champs Fleurs, Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies

Tel: +1 (868) 663-7227 Ext 1096

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